Here’s What I Learned Today

Keeping my daily lessons quick and simple, I dove into a tutorial on that taught the basics of the Command Line.


It has many names or so I’ve learned, which was probably the main reason why I constantly got confused on the concept. From the Command Line, the Terminal, the Shell, Bash, etc.. it’s all very hard for a beginner to understand. But after watching a 10-minute video from Coding Is For Girls, I think I know a bit more on what’s the big deal behind using Git and CMD.

From what I learned, I could control pretty much everything the computer does just from a little prompt window! I can ask ‘whoami’ to receive the information of the computer’s user. I can view the current path directory using ‘pwd’ and change from them easily with ‘cd nameofolder’. Also, if you want to go back to the previous folder, the only thing you need to do is ‘cd ../’. This is all very mindblowing to me, as this opens the doors to the many commands I can give the prompt! I was able to create and delete folders with no problem! Typing ‘mkdir nameofolder’ creates a folder in that current directory. If you want to delete the folder and its contents, all you need to do is ‘rm –r nameofolder’ and you’re done! Crazy, right? And if you aren’t sure whether it was properly deleted from the working directory, then you can check – Just simply type ‘ls’ for the list of folders located in the current working directory to be displayed!


Click here for the Coding Is For Girls Tutorial on CMD

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