Here’s What I Learned Today

Well… what I learned two days ago.

Greetings WordPress! We meet again! I have forgotten all about my short stint on this site and long forgotten what I learned in E-Commerce, but I think now is a perfect time to redirect my time online more efficiently to share my progress with coding. From Hackathons, Meetups, Conferences, college classes and personal projects, I’ll share with the online world how I improve on my technical skills every step of the way. Let’s begin, shall we?

On December 6th, I decided to attend my first PyLadies Meetup. I’ve been following several Meetup groups and I’ve been too nervous to attend many of them, but I decided to branch out and try something new. I went to their Introduction to Visual Studio Code with Python event hosted at the Dropbox office and had a great evening. Surely, it’ll be my first of many meetings with PyLadies and I will network with many more of their loyal attendees. I never used Visual Code before, but I’ve used Visual Studio so I assumed those two were very similar.


From the meetup, I’ve learned a couple of new tips and tricks on how to use the program from keyboard shortcuts and linting. Downloading Visual Code at the workshop, I thoroughly enjoyed the sleek layout and it was much more lightweight any other IDE I’ve used. I might even use VSC more than Sublime Text! The following are the little tidbits that I learned and will store here for future usage.

One of the things we were told to do after installing VSC, was to install some extensions. First, the extension Python, which will include development tools to support Python files and code. Another is Shell Command, which allows us to give certain commands through the terminal to edit text. Thanks to Shell Command extension on Visual Code, I can open the application directly through the Command Prompt! Just typing in “code .” into the terminal would lead to the activation of the program. Cool, right?


Another cool feature I learned through Visual Code is linting. Linting is a debugging process for your code. Using the popular Python linter, pep8, Visual Code was able to properly stylize and format my code in a clean manner and decrease the number of errors!





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