Unity Struggles

Greetings, world! Today I might have conquered my toughest challenge yet ‐ Unity! I had the darnest time with Unity engine the last first times I’ve tried to make my own game. I struggled for days trying to make the C# script to operate properly, and it never updated in the Inspector. Then, the code worked, but the game objects weren’t moving. Later on, the objects moved, but not towards the right way. Turns out I had the objects facing the opposite the direction.


Total facepalm.

Thank goodness I figured out the problem and it was an easy fix. I was able to use forwardForce and sidewaysForce to make a simple bowling game! I have so many new ideas to make this game more unique and more my own. I want to make something similar to Mario Kart: Rainbow Road level, but with catching gems and jewels!


Click here for the Unity Game Tutorial!

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